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Any situation in life, no matter how difficult it may seem, can be resolved. However, it can be difficult to cope with it on your own, especially if you have no psychological education, or certain skill set to support you. This happens because people tend to focus on the trigger itself, and don’t see the situation as a whole. This is when a good psychologist can come to the rescue.

A psychologist - is a professional, who can help you see the situation from a different, more objective angle.

They can open your eyes on things that you might not have noticed, or might not have given enough thought about. A good psychologist will never tell you what to do, or what not to do. Instead, she will create conditions such as asking the right questions, which will lead you to the answers you seek.

Evgenia Cherne
eva che

Psychological counseling online

Where will the consultation take place?

Because in majority of cases my counseling sessions will happen online, it does not matter where you are in the world. All you’ll need to do is to launch your Skype application and initiate a video–call to me.

To get the most out of our session, and to achieve the best results, I highly suggest you switch off your mobile phone, and eliminate as many distractions in your space as possible.

Note: Consultations are also available in person, subject to prior arrangement.

What to expect from an online counseling? This question worries many people who are considering booking a consultation with a psychologist via Skype.

I will clarify below what you can expect from our online sessions:

I will help you find answers to questions that concern you through my focused communication techniques.

I strongly believe that every single one of us already has the right answers in their subconscious. Our human nature is filled with inexhaustible amount of internal resources to achieve any goals.

My psychological techniques of working with the subconscious mind will help you realize your own capabilities and learn how to use them. As a result, you will learn how to respond to stressful situations, resolve conflicts, set goals and achieve them. This is the key that will open the door to a harmonious life with yourself and the world around you.

Transformational training tours

Transformational training tours are a fascinating and deep topic in my psychological practice. It’s a series of trips to various sacred places of Earth – places, where the power of the planet is especially sensed due to the presence of particular energy fields.

As part of the tour, we transform and optimize the work of your consciousness, form an effective view of the world and launch the mechanisms that will change your life for the better.

Upcoming event: Bali, Indonesia - July 1-10, 2021

evgenia cherne
eva che

Women’s Counseling

For you, ladies, I offer counseling focused on the following areas:
• Studies of feminine energy.
• Techniques aimed to improve the relationship with your partner.
• Guidance around self-realization in different social roles - Women, Specialists, Wives, Mothers.
• Guidance in finding the sources of internal power.
• Ways of building a more balanced life.

Clothing brand EVA CHE

Just imagine for a moment, how wonderful it would be if all the clothes you wore brought you joy, satisfaction and confidence.

Let me tell you, such strong, resource-generating clothing exist! It’s a brand called ‘EVA CHE’ – the clothing for spiritual practices and everyday life. The clothing of my very own unique design, which will give you that extra feeling of comfort you need.

Every piece of our clothing is tailored using a range of exclusive fabrics, specially selected to meet the above criteria. Every accessory and decorative element is filled with positive meaning, which aims to boost our vital energy. This range of clothing will help you in accumulating the positive mental vibrations and aid you with blocking the negative energy flows.

I offer you to experience the power of clothes that will improve the quality of your life!

cherne evgenia

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