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Individual psychological counseling is a broad and multi-faceted concept just as we are all so different. 

The rhythm of life requires a lot of effort and resources from us to achieve our goals. Sometimes an adequate assessment of reality is needed in order to work through a problem in an efficient way. We often burn ourselves out, losing strength and energy, which eventually leads to a state of feeling stressed and fatigued.

Individual counseling will help you in overcoming difficult states of mind, finding inner support, harmony, as well as calmness and the ability to hear yourself and your heart again. In the process of counseling, you will be able to identify the true cause of your problem, find solutions to it and rely on your own hidden resources.

You will see new opportunities for development and a happy life.

Booking an appointment

To book your appointment with a phychologist please call us on
+359 87 908-01-08. Alternatively, you can fill out our online booking form below.


Please choose your preferred type of consultation, fill out the First name field and provide your telephone number during the payment process.

Consultation in Skype 55 minutes

5500 rub

Business advice

13 000 rub

Important! Before your session begins:

• Find yourself a cozy place.
• Turn off your mobile phone.
• Eliminate any noise interference.
• If you have children, make sure that during the consultation they are supervised by a nanny, grandmother, etc., so you can immerse yourself in the calm atmosphere of the psychological space.
• If you have pets, try to keep them out of the room you are in for the duration of the session.