Online consultation

TOP 5 client requests that a psychologist works online.

To solve a psychological problem, you need to clearly understand the goal to which the Client intends to come. Therefore, an online psychological consultation always begins with establishing what would the Client like to achieve as a result of the consultation. This section contains the most relevant to date requests that are addressed to a psychologist.

# 1 - Eliminating the ban on love

“The ban on love”, “the crown of celibacy” - this is how the subconsciousness excludes the possibility to fall in love from your life picture. This is a psychological block that is not to be confused with the fear, for example, of talking to a person you like. 

A block - is a subjective inner conviction, that entails choosing loneliness as the main line of one’s life scenario.

# 2 - Overcoming the fear of failure

The fear of failure has a direct impact on success in society and personal development. It is this condition that increases the level of stress and can become a serious obstacle to the goal. Overcoming doubts and destructive fears are possible. This task can be achieved with the help of a good online psychologist. As usual, in most cases, the root of evil is coming from childhood. Excessive severity in the family, along with the practice of hypertrophied punishments is what most often leads to the fear of making a mistake in adulthood. There is an illusion of comfort in familiar conditions - the so-called comfort zone. As a result, a person might perceive even the positive changes in their lives as stress, just because it’s out of ordinary.

# 3 - Developing proactive behavior skills

Proactiveness is the habit of a person to take responsibility for everything that happens to him and the realization that it’s solely him who controls his life. As soon as the habit of thinking proactively is formed, the problems begin to resolve, and the quality of life to improve. Charges and accusations lose relevance when you realize that you make decisions yourself by making your own choice.

# 4 - Psycho correction of family relationships

Have you ever heard the expression: “We seem to be speaking different languages”? Do you think it is meant figuratively? By no means. Many couples really do not understand each other, because each uses its own language of love. Think about whether your understanding of love is the same. What is love for you? Perhaps you think that it’s impossible to love without making pleasant trifles and gifts for no reason; but for your partner, the time which was spent on getting him the gift, is more valuable, thank yet another pretty trinket.

# 5 - Help to find your destination.

The search for one's purpose and the meaning of life is especially acute during periods of crisis and mental fatigue. But to determine the global goal of life, you need to know yourself. 
And this requires hard work with the depths of subconsciousness. There are many techniques that can help on the path to self-discovery and finding inner harmony. A constructive dialogue with a psychologist on Skype will, first and foremost, help you understand your experiences and feelings.