The history of EVA CHE clothing

EVA CHE clothing is my most unusual project. 
I am very excited to tell you more about it, but first things first…

Having received a psychological education and constantly expanding my professional vision, I came to the conclusion that clothing can be a powerful tool for working with mental processes. The tailoring, color selection and detailing is either going to be a generator of creative energies or a storage for the destructive ones. One day, whilst I was reflecting on this, I got the idea to design a collection of smart clothes for spiritual practices and everyday life. I wanted the main function of such items to be the strengthening of vital energies. This is how the idea of creating my own brand of clothing EVA CHE was born.

My first two collections were taken by my like-minded people, colleagues and surrounding in general with a huge astonishment. All samples quickly sold out, which inspired me to continue this project as a creative side of my psychological journey. 

My next goal is to present my new collection of smart clothes at various fashion shows in Bulgaria in the spring of 2019. This will be the spring-summer collection of ready-to-wear EVA CHE clothes. Shows are scheduled to be held twice a year.