The transformational training tours EVA CHE is a fascinating project inspired by my personal experience of visiting unique places of the planet, which in the scientific world are called sacramental, i.e. sacred. It is easier to find peace and confidence, replenish internal resources and reload consciousness in the solitude with nature. It is for this purpose that these training tours are performed.

EVA CHE tours are a 10-day stay of group participants in one of the sacred places of the Earth. The main focus is to get a retreat and digital detox under the guidance of a trainer. Daily psychological transformational training forms a part of this experience. 

Let's go through some terms

Retreat - solitude for psychological work on yourself. 

Digital detox is a conscious temporary break from the use of any communicative devices (smartphone, laptop) and external sources of information (the Internet, social networks, etc.).

Upcoming event
Bali, Indonesia
July 1-10, 2021

Our place of power this summer is Bali - an amazing island, caressed by the sun and two oceans. Temples, plants, air, earth, water - everything is shrouded in a veil of magic and healing. The island is ready to share this wonderful essence with those who come here to enjoy the beautiful views and share its silence in the cradle of virgin nature. 
Therefore, it is in Bali that we will spend 10 unique days that will expand the boundaries of your consciousness and restore vitality.

Number of participants - 13-15 people 

The program includes:
•    10 days in sacred places of Bali.
•    10 pieces of training for simultaneous work with the body and mind.
•    Getting acquainted with the Taoist practices (Bagua Zhang, Tai Chi Quan). 
•    Introduction to the techniques of cognitive and body-oriented psychotherapy. 
•    Meditation in the surroundings of mountains.
•    Relax in the heart of virgin nature.
•    Swimming in the Indian Ocean and Bali’s inter-island sea.
•    Trekking to the volcanoes Agung and Gunung Batur.

•    Disconnection of all communication facilities during the training tour.
•    The 10-day ban on posting photos and chatting in social networks. 
•    Refusal of harmful food, alcohol, and cigarettes during the program.

The result is the reassessment of ideas about reality, the meeting with oneself “without likes” and stereotypes, the awareness of unlimited possibilities, and the feeling of inner strength and harmony. Returning home, the participants will notice changes in areas that previously seemed overwhelming; they will gain time for creativity; they will become what they always dreamed of being.

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