About the author



Going to a consultation with a psychologist, you probably want to meet a person whom you can trust the innermost. It is the atmosphere of trust that contributes to the quality development of the Client’s request and the resolution of the problem. Therefore, it is important that you get to know me better.



So let's get acquainted

My name is Evgenia Cherne. I am a psychologist, a head of training tours, a wife and a mother. I am the creator of my conscious reality in each and every new day. What I am offering you is a psychological counseling online, as well as off-site psycho-transformational training.

In my professional practice, I use a client-centered approach along with methods of body-oriented therapy and cognitive psychology.

My mission over the past several years has been to help people to achieve harmony within themselves, and also with others.  
Building my experiences I was travelling across different countires (such as Russia, Peru, Chile, Moldova and Bulgaria) and held seminars where I was introducing people to psychological methods of personal growth and harmonization of interpersonal relations in their lives.

Nevertheless, it was not always like this…



The path to the profession of a psychologist

imgBeing a certified lawyer, I always felt that my life would be connected with something else. Legal education and work with people taught me a lot. Like any experience in our lives - this experience is priceless.

However, one day, more than 13 years ago, fate brought me to the point when I had a choice to stay in the public service and become a judge, or dedicate my life to my family, creativity and development.

I made my choice.

And just like that, having received the second higher education of a psychologist, I began to gain experience on the path of self-knowledge.



13 years of self-learning

My psychological education supports and enables me to be your assistant in difficult turns of fate.

Having moved to Latin America with my husband and becoming a happy mother, I delved into the study of women's practices and Latin American traditions.

In the past 13 years I’ve been mastering the art of being a Woman, a Mom and a Human, throughout continuous self-studying, observation of my own nature, and constant work on self-improvement. I learned to work through hereditary programs that affect various life scenarios in our daily lives by using the power of internal change with the aim to transform the personality.

During this time I was practicing Taoist practices (Taoist alchemy, women's meditative practices, Bagua Zhang, Tai Chi Quan) which played a major part in my spiritual journey.



EVA CHE - own brand of energy generating clothing

I like to incorporate unique tools with the use of classical techniques both in my psychological practice and life. My own collection of clothing for spiritual practices and everyday life - EVA CHE – is one of those tools that I use on daily basis.

Clothing is one of the most interesting means of increasing personal effectiveness. Materials, style, accessories – they all matter. Whatever a person carries on him-/herself is a storage and a generator of energy. Properly chosen clothing can help a person to be him-/herself and strengthen his/her vitality.



Psychotransforming tours

imgAnnually visiting various sacral points of the planet and places of power around the world, such as Altai, Vladivostok, Olkhon Island on Baikal; sacred places of the Amazon, Peru, Colombia, Cuba; the sacred mountains of China and Korea; North America, France, England, Scotland , India and Indonesia, I continue to accumulate knowledge in various fields related primarily to the art of developing a nature of feminine. I want to share a source of strength with you and invite you to visit my off-site training tours in sacred places. You will find yourself gaining solitude with yourself, rest, psychological practices and immersion into silence for recuperation and comprehensive recovery.


Just like in everyone’s life, there were insults, pain, betrayal, misunderstanding on the part of my loved ones, and loneliness in my life. I know what it is to intend and do, to set goals and go for them. I understand what it is to fall and be wrong, and how to rise to the top of the mountain just to fall down. I know how to climb this mountain again and again.

I have successfully worked with all these experiences at different periods of my life, and can help you cope with difficult situations in your life. I will be sincerely glad to be your guide and psychologist in challenging times of your life.

I express my gratitude to everyone who helped me on my way to professional development.

I am grateful to the world, grateful to my spouse and fate for those teachers I met, and the knowledge I gained through them.

I am grateful to those whom I came into contact with over the years.

I thank life for the innumerable opportunities to recognize and transform myself, my body and mind; to achieve personal goals, no matter how high they are.

I am infinitely grateful to all the Masters I met on the way, and of whom I studied and gained experience.

My main teacher of all these years has been Jie Kun, who has taught me the methodology and navigation in the path of alchemical transformations, both of the inner world and of external reality.

I am also grateful to Eduard Lazarev and Ramon Angel for the opportunity to get in touch with the North American tradition of Camino Rojo, and the experience of interacting with the sacral medicine of the Indians.

I am grateful to the female masters, such as Shiona, who was a guide for me to the world of women's practices and creativity.

I thank the masters from Brazil who taught me about the women's practices by Perukwa, Damanhur.